We recently promised to enlighten you on the complex landscape of Marketing technologies. 


According to industry analysts, the overall Marketing Technology market will weigh more than 32 billion dollars in 2018, growing 12 percent annually. The least that we can say is that this market is fragmented, complex and obscure for a lot of people. Plus, despite efforts to tear down silos, most of the solutions offered today end up recreating them. According to Scott Brinker, world renowned Marketing Technologist, “the average enterprise uses 91 marketing cloud services”. In his latest Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic, M. Brinker mapped out more than 6,800 Marketing Tools...

This situation is creating a lot of confusion amongst B2C marketers. It is getting harder and harder to understand which Marketing tool to use in order to solve or support a specific business problem.

To make things even harder, there is a true confusion between AdTech and MarTech – even though, they do not address the same needs! The purpose of Advertising, and its associated Technology stack, is to prospect the unknown and grow a brand’s awareness. While Marketing, and MarTech, is about growing a relationship with a known person, recorded into the CRM of a brand.

With all of this in mind, we decided to spend some time on this topic to give you a truly actionable perspective on the market. So instead of bragging about the cool platform we offer (we’ll do that too, but later), we took the initiative to explore other helpful tools you could be using, and to properly map them out to provide you with a big picture.

With our Technology Landscape for Marketers, never again will you get lost in the labyrinth of Marketing Technologies.

Discover the Ultimate Technology landscape for Marketers



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