Match Marketing allows Brands and Marketing specialists to build campaigns that are highly targeted and individualized, and therefore more powerful and engaging than traditional campaigns.

To do so, Match Marketing relies on machine learning algorithms. The algorithms can establish predictions, recommendations, on the future consumption patterns of your customers, helping you to identify the future buyers of your offer. Therefore matching what you have to offer with what your customers need or expect. 

Reaching unprecedented level of performance thanks to Match Marketing does not only come from relevant communications. It also comes from the fact that you will overcome traditional Marketing biases:

1. Go over traditional, hazardous and static segmentation criteria.

Brands collect mountains of data about their customers. And what do they do with this data? They wash out its richness into few segments, playing a time-consuming and hazardous game, forgetting about individual complexity, and grouping a bunch of people together based on a behavior or some socio-demographical criteria: “Don is a male, below 50, city dweller, iPhone owner. He will buy our new flat screen TV.” Wait … What? They repurpose and repackage the same message for different segments and call it personalization.

2. Stop focusing only on past behaviors such as purchase history to select the next product / service you will promote.

Beyond being obsessed with segments (or “persona”, which is just the trendy way of saying “segment”), they tend to focus only on what a customer did most recently to propose what he will buy next. But hey, what if she does not want more of the same stuff? What if she bought this camera for her brother’s birthday and could not care less about photography herself?

3. Stop considering only customers who demonstrated an interest (for example, the ones who visited your website).

Because it seems like the logical thing to do: Marketers take into consideration only the customers who demonstrate an interest. What about all the other people who did not come to their website but would be willing to buy their product? Since when can human behavior be explained, understood at its fullest, through logical considerations and linear perception? Always remember, when you market a product or any offer, when you send an email, when you mail a catalog - behind each KPI there is a human being, in all their complexity and specificity.

Match Marketing is not just another buzzword. It is a framework built upon a sincere understanding of modern-day business challenges. It aims at reinforcing Brands and Retailers presently overwhelmed with customer empowerment and innumerable Marketing technologies that are costly, disparate, and do not achieve their business ends. 

Along with the framework comes the tool to execute it, with the Influans Match Marketing platform. 

If you are curious and want to learn more about Match Marketing, you have two easy options:

  • Get in touch with us directly. The influans team would be more than happy to give you a demo of the tool with which you can implement a true Match Marketing strategy :-)


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