The Breakthrough: Ultimate Personalization

In September 2017, Influans announced one of the biggest seed funding in France: 6 million euros. Since then, our dream team (soon to be known as the ‘Influans Tech Gems’ – stay tuned on this) has been focusing on the development of our Marketing platform with one goal in mind: defying the traditional Mass Marketing paradigm and powering Ultimate Personalization with its next generation AI driven cloud platform. Consolidating the technological portion - the predictive engine of our system, is fundamental for us to truly deliver a unique solution to the market.

“We don’t want to just release a new tool which will fall through the Marketing stack’s meanders. We want a breakthrough!”, explains Bertrand Diard. When talking about the Marketing stack’s meanders, Bertrand nailed it down. The Marketing Technology Market will weigh more than 32 billion dollars in 2018, growing 12 percent annually. The least that we can say is that this market is fragmented, complex and obscure for a lot of people (stay tuned: Influans will soon enlighten you on that matter). Plus, most of the solutions offered today are recreating siloes while these siloes should be broken to truly empower Marketing. According to Scott Brinker, world renowned Marketing Technologist, “the average enterprise uses 91 marketing cloud services”. Talk about fragmentation …

And to make things even harder: there is a true confusion between Adtech and Martech. Even if at Influans, we strongly believe that these two worlds are coming together, it remains fundamental to understand the differences between both. Well, we are digressing… this will be the object of another article.

Getting back to our breakthrough. What we want to bring to the Marketing market is clear: make it shift from unwanted, generic and repeated messages based on permanent interruptions to relevant, personalized and subtle offers which customers will relate to each time and therefore will want to see again. This is what we call Ultimate Personalization.

Leading the way towards a whole new Marketing perspective


On French TV & Radio channel BFM Business Influans co-founder Bertrand Diard goes even further. To survive against giants such as Amazon, the retail world needs to break free from the past and reinvent its model. Marketing will be one of its levers. It is not anymore about sending generic emails with a discount prior to a sales period. It is about permanent touch with each of your customers; an individual connection through messages which capture the essence of their intents, expectations (explicit or implicit) and state-of-mind at a specific moment in their journey with the brand. This is the only way to seize the multi-faceted form of Personalization: a human being’s affinities towards a product or a group of products, at a specific time and in a specific context, along with an appropriate incentive. Indeed, at Influans we do not want to just help you find the right audience and the right targets, we want to give you the power to create smart and meaningful associations and connections.

Stay tuned! More spicy news will come.