Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, algorithms… personalized Marketing, one-to-one Marketing, predictive Marketing, dynamic targeting, smart marketing campaigns… Lots of concepts. And unfortunately, the list does not stop here. Behind all these new buzzwords, one thing is clear: Marketing is changing, Marketing is reinventing itself. To be closer to customers, to deliver relevant messages, to transform all the efforts of Marketers into concrete results and performance.

With that said (and approximately 99% of Marketing organizations agree), one question remains: what will truly help Marketers make the shift from traditional Marketing paradigms to modern Marketing? What will reignite Marketing campaigns and transform them into a true match with customers’ expectations, to boost performance and to finally get the results Marketing deserve?

Technology is the first part of the answer. But this is clearly not enough. Technology is complex and sometimes overwhelming. Of course, you are a very sharp marketer, you know digital marketing trends, you’ve heard all the words listed at the beginning of this blog, you find them very sexy and promising. But still, you cannot put your finger on what it does, what it impacts, what it means for you. Concretely.

So logically, the second part of the answer is the capability for a technology provider to clearly explain these concepts in a “non-intimidating way”, with a true will to democratize technology usage and correlate it to your business, your needs and your activities.

This is our goal at Influans. Our mission. And as one of the steps towards enlightenment, we created a short explainer video. Through the perspective of customers Sarah and Barry, and of Sam the Marketer, you will see a concrete illustration of what Match Marketing is, and how Influans will drive you there.

And because an image is worth a thousand words, we let you enjoy our explainer video, hoping it will start giving you some answers on what your Marketing campaigns will look like with Influans.



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