By Jennifer Bos on Oct 3, 2017

Paris Retail Week, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, September 19th 2017 - Influans, the ultra personalized marketing specialist, today announced the general availability of its ultimate personalization platform for marketing.

Redefining marketing best practices and habits, Influans enables any marketer, whether at an agency, a retailer or a brand, to increase thirtyfold or more the efficiency of campaigns by uniquely leveraging ultra personalization: send the right offer with the right product, to the right person with the right incentive, at the right time.

“Despite ever-rising investments in sophisticated solutions, performance of marketing remains very low,” indicated Fabrice Bonan, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Influans. “Influans’ mission is straightforward: revolutionize MarTech by using the best technologies in big data and artificial intelligence, making them easy to use through a streamlined user experience.”

Influans automates and augments the work of marketers, empowering them to focus on their added value: create and innovate to grow the brand’s business.

Over 100 billion dollars are spent in marketing campaigns each year throughout the world - and this does not account for the cost of technology and manpower used in their design and execution. And despite that spending, returns of mass marketing remain very low, in the 1 to 3 percent range.

Results delivered by Influans are in average thirty times higher than mass marketing. This new, unheard-of performance is obtained through solving the ultimate personalization of marketing equation, by leveraging all relevant data through artificial intelligence algorithms and a big data architecture.

Influans’ performance is articulated around three facets:

Ultimate usability - Influans embeds the most advanced technologies to provide an intuitive platform, usable by all marketers. Under the covers, it leverages bleeding-edge big data and artificial intelligence, running the best machine learning algorithms. To the user, it presents a turnkey, self-service campaign manager in the cloud, that automatically builds the most optimized campaigns to achieve and exceed their business goals.

Ultimate execution - The Influans artificial intelligence drives data ingestion and builds the consumer graph inside the data lake. Thanks to this algorithmic power campaigns are ready to run in hours - instead of the weeks it usually takes.

Ultimate return on investment - Influans’ business model is performance based. There is no setup fee, no license fee and no operation fee to use the platform. Brands pay only when campaigns deliver new revenue and incentives are always optimized to meet the chosen business and margin goals.

Immediate availability

Influans is showcasing its ultimate personalization platform at Paris Retail Week (September 19-21, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, booth H110).

Marketers wishing to use Influans can request an account by visiting and selecting the Sign up option.

About Influans

Influans' campaigns are thirty times more efficient than typical direct marketing campaigns - the best of which deliver only limited returns. Created by big data veterans, the Influans cloud platform leverages the most advanced big data and machine learning technologies. It enables any brand or retailer to deploy next generation performance-driven marketing, that target the right person with the right product at the right time and with the right incentive, while requiring no technical expertise.

For more information, please visit and follow @influans on Twitter.

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