For our second Chinese Portrait, we introduce you to Jérémie Tarnaud, our very special Pre-sales. Jérémie, you shine!


What's your name and your role @Influans?
My name is Jérémie, I work as pre-sales.

Why did you join Influans? What do you like about Influans?
I joined Influans in the early days when it wasn’t yet a startup, but rather a concept. And that’s why I joined, because I trusted the concept of course, but also because everything needed to be built from scratch. Influans gave me the opportunity to be more than an employee: a real actor. Indeed, I had the chance to evolve through 3 different roles:
I started as front-end developer. Initially, it was necessary to get your hands dirty to start building something. And in the early days, there were not many of us. So, each of the person contributed to the development of our product in one way or another.
Then I moved to Product Manager. With the first growth period, it was necessary to organize the R&D. Therefore, I was the interface between the Product team (Fabrice Bonan and Carlos Carrera) and the developers.
And now, I work as Pre-sales. Once the first deep R&D phase over, it was necessary to think about commercial development. This is when the Sales department was created with Vincent Pineau, Emanuele De Leonardis and myself.

How long have you been working @ Influans?
Since the beginning … and even earlier.

If you were a technology, you'd be…?
Augmented Reality. I think that soon, lots of AR apps will be used and will become as essential as your smartphone.

If you were an app, you'd be…?
Google Street View. I cannot move around without it anymore.

If you were an #hashtag, you'd be ...?
#bepositive. Whatever happens, let’s put it into perspective and be positive.

If you were a "fan" of someone / something on Facebook, you'd be ...?
Fan of moto GP drivers. I am always so impressed by the risks they take. I believe that somehow, they are a little bit crazy. But it is also by being crazy and passionate that you can be successful 😉

If you were an animal, you’d be …?
If I was an animal, I would be a bird. Just to be able to look at the world from the sky.

Are you rather Mass Marketing or Ultimate personalization? Why?
Ultimate personalization. Please stop sending me emails about hearing aid, I hear very well thanks!