We know you've been waiting to read our third Chinese Portrait :-) So here you go. This week, we introduce you to Vincent Pineau, our Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder. 

Vincent, you shine!



What's your name and your role @Influans?
Vincent Pineau – CCO, Cofounder

Why did you join Influans? What do you like about Influans?
Strong conviction on where the marketing is going and how to take it there.

How long have you been working @ Influans?
Since a little before day one.

If you were a technology, you'd be…?
Machine Learning… Unsupervised! I have been a fan of data for as far as I can recall, born with an inclination towards data facts rather than intuition.  A good number of years spent trying to help others gather, architect, analyze and display data most effectively contributed to a strong conviction in the value of data but its ever growing volume and diversity brought machine learning at its center.  I believe that data is telling stories…  and I enjoy them even more when they are well hidden because what good does it make to prove something trivial?

If you were an app, you'd be…?
Netflix because it keeps me entertained wherever I am, conveniently and most often giving me good suggestions on what to consider next.

If you were an #hashtag, you'd be ...?
#neverenough Why? ask my kids and colleagues…
#neversettle because I do not believe entrepreneurship and innovation can exist otherwise.

If you were a "fan" of someone / something on Facebook, you'd be ...?
Elon Musk for following his vision and conviction against all odds, shaking unshakable industries!

If you were a car, you’d be …?  
The Porsche Mission E. Because why settle for anything other than the best?

Are you rather Mass Marketing or Ultimate personalization? Why?
Ultimate Personalization – My choice always favors quality over quantity. I prefer relevant bits to overwhelming facts, I enjoy conversation with manageable-size groups infinitely more than talking to huge audiences.