For the second consecutive week, we introduce you to one of our ladies. And it is Bridget Ssendagala, another one of our amazing Data Scientists who make Ultimate Personalization real. 

Bridget, you shine!


What's your name and your role @Influans?
Bridget, data scientist

Why did you join Influans? What do you like about Influans?
I wanted to join a promising start-up. In my previous work, I had already briefly worked on recommendations systems but only slightly, yet I liked the subject. Joining Influans allows me as a data scientist to work deeper on such algorithms.

How long have you been working @ Influans?
3 months

If you were a technology, you'd be…? 
a powerful lightweight electric scooter (trotinette) - to avoid taking metro on shiny and sweaty days, climb slopes effortlessly and overtake cyclists while being environmentally friendly

If you were an app, you'd be…?
Spotify - to listen to various music without having to illegally download them, to enjoy pre-built playlists that match my tastes and expectations and discover new Justin Bieber songs

If you were an #hashtag, you'd be ...? 
#shorthair - because I have short hair

If you were a "fan" of someone / something on Facebook, you'd be ...?
“Par Jupiter” - It is a French radio program on France Inter, which informs people in an entertaining manner

If you were a dish, you’d be …? 
Beef kidneys - because they taste good and are rich in iron

Are you rather Mass Marketing or Ultimate personalization? Why?
Ultimate personalization - because I hate being spammed or texted with promotions that have nothing to do with my needs.