This week, we introduce you to Emanuele De Leonardis, our VP Sales. 
It's a pity you won't be hearing his italian accent through this blog post :-) 

Emanuele, you shine!


What's your name and your role @Influans?
My name is Emanuele and I am VP Sales.

Why did you join Influans? What do you like about Influans?
I joined Influans for two main reasons: first, because – like many of us – I feel the urgency of finding a solution that would delight shoppers again and consider them as individuals rather than marketing segments or buckets; second, I completely bought into the founders’ vision and company culture.

How long have you been working @ Influans?
Well… only 4 months but I feel like I’ve always been part of Influans.

If you were a technology, you'd be…? 
A smartphone for sure! Doesn’t matter the brand, but the fact is that my entire career revolves around mobile. I developed the first mobile service, I streamed the first movie trailer to a mobile phone and delivered the first Coca-Cola campaign.

If you were an app, you'd be…? 
Probably a music app, because life needs a soundtrack.

If you were an #hashtag, you'd be ...?
#jamaissanselles because women are great co-workers and we need more in tech.

If you were a "fan" of someone / something on Facebook, you'd be ...? 
My friends haven’t seen me on Facebook for a long time! In any case I am pretty sure I liked FC Juventus and Daft Punk pages 😊

If you were a dish, you’d be …?  
A good Italian dish because certain things will never change! For example, a pizza: simple but incredibly good if done with high quality, premium ingredients and following the original recipe. A tip? Never put an egg or minced beef on a pizza or replace mozzarella with grated Gruyere cheese… this is a cardinal sin!

Are you rather Mass Marketing or Ultimate personalization? Why?
Do I really have the choice? Ultimate personalization because I hate when the bank, insurance and telco I’ve been customer of for decades keep talking to me like to anyone else!


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