Days come and go, but each day is different. Same for our Tech Gems :-) This week, we introduce you to Jonathan Oheix, one of our amazing Data Scientists who make Ultimate Personalization real. 

Jonathan, you shine!


What's your name and your role @Influans?
My name is Jonathan Oheix, I am a data scientist in the datalab team of Influans. My role is to implement data science techniques which will improve the quality of our predictions.

Why did you join Influans? What do you like about Influans?
I decided to join Influans because I wanted to work in a playful and innovative startup environment. When I discovered Influans, I became rapidly interested into the product. It made me want to discover how it works and to contribute to improve it.
What I like most about Influans is that everybody here can freely share his ideas to improve the product. The collaborators are always interested in discussing your ideas and this give us some incredible collective emulation.

How long have you been working @ Influans?
I have been working at Influans for about 5 months now.

If you were a technology, you'd be…?
- This technology has enabled a much more efficient way to transmit all kind of information. I think this has been a major enabler for technological improvement in the recent years. Thanks to the Internet, we are now able to share knowledge instantly without any geographical constraint. Communications are also a lot easier, and it is changing the way we work by enabling remote working. I couldn’t imagine my life without this technology.

If you were an app, you'd be…?
- Meetup allows people who share same interests to get together and create events together. This app is becoming more and more famous in France. I think this is amazing as it permits to anyone to discover people sharing the same interests. I use this app often for data science meetup and language exchanges.

If you were a "fan" of someone / something on Facebook, you'd be ...?
Analytics Vidhya
- Analytics Vidhya is a website which shares news about data science subjects. It can be about new progress in the research area, or new data science frameworks/technologies. This enables me to stay up to date with this field. The articles are very well written and quite enjoyable to read. They also have a Facebook page where they post news about their articles. 

Are you rather Mass Marketing or Ultimate personalization?
Ultimate personalization
- Working at Influans, the answer to this question seems obvious: Ultimate personalization. As a data scientist, I think that this is an interesting and challenging field in which I can fully grow my skills.