How to reach customers more efficiently and relevantly? 




When, in 2004, McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer Larry Light stated “Mass Marketing is dead”, the Marketing world was shaken. For him, "distilled, simplistic, repetitive marketing is brand suicide".

That was 14 years ago. Mr Light was way ahead of his time. When we look at it today, Mass Marketing is still very much alive. In a survey released by Autopilot, more than 60% of marketers still use mass email blasts to stay in touch with customers. According to a research conducted by the CMO Council in 2017: “Only 14 percent of Sales and 12 percent of Marketing leaders believe in their organization’s ability to actually deliver connected, personalized, contextual experiences”.

In 2018, this is not acceptable anymore!

Continuing with Mass Marketing is highly risky for a Brand. The law of Supply & Demand reigns: the more Marketing messages Brands will push; the less consumer demand there will be.

And this is where Match Marketing comes into play.




  • All the conditions are aligned today to say that “one size fits all” and traditional Marketing are the drivers of a bygone era;
  • Customers are empowered;
  • Marketing needs to reinvent itself to become truly effective;
  • Marketers want to leverage technology to reconnect with customers.

But how to make the best use of technology without understanding the big picture? Without making it part of a bigger mindset, a business-oriented framework? A framework which creates the conditions of success.

At Influans, we decided not only to build a powerful tool to realize marketing campaigns differently, but also to create the intellectual framework which goes with it.

In a nutshell, Match Marketing is about creating a powerful match between a person’s need (or what this person expects) and what you have to offer, thus delivering greater performance and leveraging your first party data in a way that is not humanly possible.

It is having the capability and the knowledge to send highly targeted campaigns, to target only the future buyers, the customers most likely to buy when it comes to selecting the audience to which you will send your promotional offer. 

To learn more about Match Marketing, download Influans’ latest white paper that explains:

  • Where Match Marketing comes from
  • How it works
  • What you can gain from implementing it


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